Transform your space effortlessly with our custom countertops. We offer everything from precise measurements and integrated sinks to expert installation. Visit our studio to explore our ever-changing collection.


Choosing composite means opting for a durable countertop. It's scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. We offer a diverse collection of six types of composite stones, all complementing the materials and colors of our kitchen fronts.

Available from 13mm in: Blanche, Clay, Pongo, Moon, Gems + Hydra.

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Werkblad composiet voor IKEA keuken


Every year, our design team travels to Italy to select the coolest marble straight from the source. With the marble we've chosen, your kitchen becomes a true signature piece.

Available in: Violetta Arrabescato, Sienna Broccato, Ceppo di Gre + Ceppo Beige

Werkblad Marmer Calacatta Violetta

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel countertop blends durability with a stunning industrial aesthetic. Known for its versatility, heat resistance, and timeless appeal.

Available in 4mm Solid, 5mm Stacked, or 12mm Set.

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Werkblad rvs


Want to turn your kitchen into a true piece of furniture? Opt for our ultra-matte Fenix kitchen fronts paired with a Fenix countertop. The material features nanotechnology, ensuring a silky-smooth surface and an extremely matte finish.

Available in the same colors as our kitchen fronts collection.

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Werkblad Fenix